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c d a t a k i l l

Black Collar Moth

8/28/07 04:19 pm - Black Collar Moth

I am very happy to announce that Mothboy has joined the Black Collar Crime lineup. I know his style is not only going to enhance the Crime's sound in the most bad-ass of ways possible, but will also blow up some speakers and toy with my neighbors' sanity along the way. Cheers to Moff!!

I've also started yet another project. I've been wanting to make some straight up hardcore/thrash for awhile now, and figured now was the best time to work on it. What I'm calling Amp Sphinx is kind of an homage to everything I love about hardcore and metal; nasty guitars, double-kick drum rolls, all the good shit. I wanted an outlet for something intense in the vein of what I've been enjoying (Converge, Pig Destroyer, Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) that didn't really fit the direction cdatakill is going in. There is nothing pretty about Amp Sphinx. So far it's just me, and the demos, which I'm pretty excited about, sound like an actual, organic band :) When I finish some tracks they will be posted here.

Anybody know of any good production houses or studios in Seattle? I'm looking to move there in the near future and would love to get established up there.
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