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c d a t a k i l l

Summertime update

7/7/07 08:42 pm - Summertime update

European Tour 2007: I managed to survive the European tour in May. Many thanks to all the promoters who worked hard to put the shows on, as well as to everyone who came out in support. You guys are fucking awesome. I’ll post pictures when I get a chance.

Bleeding Hearts Volume 1 is available now through Ad Noiseam. The 12” vinyl is comprised of remixes of tracks on the ‘Valentine’ album, and features cuts by Übergang, Enduser, Detritus, Lapsed, and Mad EP. Bleeding Hearts Volume 2, which features remixes by DJ Hidden, Cakebuilder, Nonnon, and Larvae will be released as a 12” vinyl on Ad Noiseam in October.

cdatakill on BBC Radio 1: You might have heard a couple of cdatakill tracks being played on Mary Anne Hobbs’ experimental show on BBC Radio 1 over the past few weeks. Huge thanks to Mary Anne for dropping the noise! Check out Mary Anne’s myspace for more info on her insanely wonderful show.

As for what I’m up to these days (now that I’m not on the road), I am:
-working on remixes for the next Abelcain/cdatakill release
-remixing a new track off Slutmachine’s upcoming Zhark album
-finishing tracks for a couple of possible vinyl splits
-writing and recording the first Black Collar Crime album
-trying not to die from the heat in Denver...
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