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c d a t a k i l l

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2/28/08 02:13 pm - i'm DJ'ing Friday night at Kazmos

kind of a last minute DJ gig came up for Friday, Feb 29th at Kazmos in Denver. Come on down and enjoy the noise.

1/25/08 11:19 am - Sunday, January 27th

11/6/07 10:14 am - Saturday, November 10th: Denver

11/2/07 04:34 pm - Systemaddikt DJ Set Podcast

Many thanks to Aporia and Always Monday at Systemaddikt for having me on their awesome radio show! They were kind enough to let me DJ some of my tracks and remixes for an hour or so. You can listen to the set and interview on the Systemaddikt podcast here.

Check out Systemaddikt at systemaddikt.com, and on your radio dials at 1190AM (if you're in Colorado) for great music and more info.

11/2/07 01:25 pm - Saturday, November 3rd

This Saturday I will be DJ'ing at The Milk Bar in Denver. Come down and check out the most innovative sounds Denver has to offer!

10/28/07 07:53 pm - Bleeding Hearts Vol.2 is available now

cdatakill: "Bleeding Hearts vol. 2" - 12" Vinyl adn83
The second volume of Bleeding Hearts, the vinyl companion to the Valentine album, features remixes of cdatakill tracks by DJ Hidden (hard and precise), Cakebuilder (pounding and heavy), Nonnon (syncopated and distorted) and Larvae (slower and more meditative). The second part of this hommage to cdatakill's Valentine album confirms the open mindedness of his sounds and the influence of this essential act.
More information here / get your copy here

10/15/07 11:46 pm - The Rocks kick some ass

My Rockies are going to the World Series!! Best respect the National League champions, sucka!!!!!

10/10/07 06:03 pm - Friday October 12th: Denver


10/5/07 11:50 pm - Erratic: back from the dead

I will be DJing the first Saturday of every month with Dave Vendetta in the Green Room @ The Milk Bar. No cover from 9pm - 10pm, $5 after that. Drink specials. 21+.


8/31/07 05:02 pm - Bleeding Hearts Vol.2

I've just received word from Ad Noiseam that the test presses for the Bleeding Hearts Vol.2 12" vinyl have arrived and sound KILLER. Volume 2 is a four track masterpiece featuring mixes from DJ Hidden, Cakebuilder, Nonnon, and Larvae. Side A is fucking ruthless; the sickest breaks, bass and composition I've heard in a long time, while Side B has some incredibly epic beats and gorgeous production. The cut is loud, the mix is crisp. DJ's: you need to have this record in your bin or no one will ever sleep with you ever again. Due out in October.

Go here for more info and audio clips.

8/28/07 04:19 pm - Black Collar Moth

I am very happy to announce that Mothboy has joined the Black Collar Crime lineup. I know his style is not only going to enhance the Crime's sound in the most bad-ass of ways possible, but will also blow up some speakers and toy with my neighbors' sanity along the way. Cheers to Moff!!

I've also started yet another project. I've been wanting to make some straight up hardcore/thrash for awhile now, and figured now was the best time to work on it. What I'm calling Amp Sphinx is kind of an homage to everything I love about hardcore and metal; nasty guitars, double-kick drum rolls, all the good shit. I wanted an outlet for something intense in the vein of what I've been enjoying (Converge, Pig Destroyer, Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) that didn't really fit the direction cdatakill is going in. There is nothing pretty about Amp Sphinx. So far it's just me, and the demos, which I'm pretty excited about, sound like an actual, organic band :) When I finish some tracks they will be posted here.

Anybody know of any good production houses or studios in Seattle? I'm looking to move there in the near future and would love to get established up there.

7/7/07 08:42 pm - Summertime update

European Tour 2007: I managed to survive the European tour in May. Many thanks to all the promoters who worked hard to put the shows on, as well as to everyone who came out in support. You guys are fucking awesome. I’ll post pictures when I get a chance.

Bleeding Hearts Volume 1 is available now through Ad Noiseam. The 12” vinyl is comprised of remixes of tracks on the ‘Valentine’ album, and features cuts by Übergang, Enduser, Detritus, Lapsed, and Mad EP. Bleeding Hearts Volume 2, which features remixes by DJ Hidden, Cakebuilder, Nonnon, and Larvae will be released as a 12” vinyl on Ad Noiseam in October.

cdatakill on BBC Radio 1: You might have heard a couple of cdatakill tracks being played on Mary Anne Hobbs’ experimental show on BBC Radio 1 over the past few weeks. Huge thanks to Mary Anne for dropping the noise! Check out Mary Anne’s myspace for more info on her insanely wonderful show.

As for what I’m up to these days (now that I’m not on the road), I am:
-working on remixes for the next Abelcain/cdatakill release
-remixing a new track off Slutmachine’s upcoming Zhark album
-finishing tracks for a couple of possible vinyl splits
-writing and recording the first Black Collar Crime album
-trying not to die from the heat in Denver...
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