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c d a t a k i l l

12 May 1979
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this is where i'm supposed to write something witty, right?

I don't really keep track of who adds me as a friend, and I don't really read lj a whole lot, so please don't be upset or anything if i don't happen to add you.
78rpm phonograph records, abelcain, accelerated evolution, ad noiseam, addict records, al pacino, alec empire, ambassador 21, angelina jolie, aphex twin, aqua teen hunger force, bad brains, balance of opposites, baseball, beat-up gripfast boots, big black, billie holiday, black flag, blackcell, blues, bombardier, bong-ra, brazil, breakbeats, breakcore, brute!, buddy rich, c-drik, cakewalk, charlie parker, chicago, chocolate, christoph de babalon, computers, cordell klier, cosa nostra, cubase, curry, curtis mayfield, cypress hill, da vinci, dave chappelle, dave mckean, david cross, dead kennedys, detritus, digital hardcore, disfigured architecture, dissent, dj anonymous, dogs, doormouse, dos equis lager, driving fast, drum n bass, dryft, duran duran duran, edith piaf, electronic music, electronics, ella fitzgerald, enduser, epmd, eric b & rakim, erykah badu, evolution, family guy, food, genetic replicas, george carlin, george orwell, h.r. giger, hardcore, hecate, ice cube, ice t, in ether, industrial, iszoloscope, italy, jazz, john coltrane, johnny cash, jungle, karmic retribution, korg, larvae, lizards, logic, low res, m-audio, mafia, mago, max roach, mel brooks, miles davis, milla jovavich, ministry, minor threat, misfits, mountain dew, muddy waters, music, n.w.a., necros, noise, oghr, old woodcut art, otto von schirach, outkast, public enemy, ragga, rally cars, red, redd foxx, richard devine, richard pryor, robert de niro, robert johnson, roland, rottweilers, russia, sarcasm, satire, scarlett johansson, scorn, sex, siamese, silver, skinny puppy, sleep, somatic responses, squarepusher, stainless steel, steve albini, stuntrock, subhumans, susannah mccorkle, tarmvred, technology, this morn' omina, tool, tr-808, venetian snares, vst, when evil people die, wu-tang clan, xanopticon, xingu hill, zhark